Sunday, December 19, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

It's a mixer running in the kitchen. I have no idea what my mother is making; it could be anything. Cake, cookies, marinated carrots (I find them completely unappetizing, but my cousin Cindy has to have them every year). We're heading into the homestretch before the Christmas festivities and that means baking!

The tree is decorated, the outdoor lights are shining, and most of our shopping is done. The downside is that I can't quite remember what's inside some of those wrapped packages. The upside is that I have more free time to watch Christmas specials and eat holiday goodies. Granted, I won't be doing much of the latter since I've gained more weight in the past year than I care to discuss. Shame there isn't a low-fat version of the snowflake cookie. And even if there were, it wouldn't be half as delicious.

We headed out to Stonefield Cellars this afternoon and were able to sample their mulled wine. Noah, the sweetest cat ever, was there to greet us, and we walked away with three new bottles of their Traminette, Riesling and Niagara. To our credit, we're branching out from the muscadine wines but we still won't drink dry wines. Ugh, no thanks. I'm hoping to write up our outing as a blog post for Savor NC Magazine, a new pub about food, wine, travel, etc. It's an unpaid gig but at least it would be a good creative outlet.