Monday, August 16, 2010

Tying the Not

So my sister was home this past week and on Friday night, the TV was somehow locked on TLC due to a marathon of "Say Yes to the Dress." The New York and the Atlanta versions (which were inexplicably subtitled). For three hours, we watched brides and their respective entourages try on dress after dress to varying reviews and reactions. Our household is not big on reality television that isn't sports-related, so this is our guilty pleasure. And it's actually kinda' sorta' educational, when I combine it with my experience of being the celebrations editor for a local newspaper and being in or attending several weddings. Mostly I've learned what I don't want for what society has declared will be the biggest day of adult female life.

See, I'm not one of those women that have planned every detail of their wedding since they were starry-eyed girls watching Disney princesses dance with their Prince Charmings. Keeping scrapbooks or decoupaged boxes full of yellowed newspaper clippings and pullouts from magazines. I tell most people that I'd be perfectly happy with a ceremony at the drive-thru chapel in Vegas, as long as it came with a chocolate milkshake and a side of curly fries. But deep down, I know that's a lie. I am a Southern girl and life-changing moments must be accompanied by friends, family and large amounts of fattening food. It's a rule.

But I've already decided that I want said life-changing moment to be fun, stress-free and a chance for everyone to experience the beauty of our Crystal Coast. A bridal gown with simple, clean lines and no tulle whatsoever. Bridesmaids' dresses that don't have to match as long as they're in the same color and accompanied by comfortable shoes. Rehearsal dinner at the Sanitary Market in Morehead City 'cause y'all have to experience their popcorn shrimp and sweet tea. Ceremony in the courtyard of Fort Macon, even though it's outside and tempting fate, but it's such a beautiful location. Followed by a reception at the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium, catered by Ruckerjohn's. And a first dance to Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet." Possibly a foxtrot.

While I'm brainstorming here, I covet this gorgeous seashell cake (in chocolate, please) with a groom's cake in the shape of the Millennium Falcon. Or an At-At. I know that it can be done.

So as you can tell, I really haven't put that much thought into it. At least not on paper. It's all conjecture until I meet a guy who's willing to spend more than two dates with me, and vice versa. That takes a lot more work than browsing through the Amsale collection and watching TLC on Fridays.

Anyway, what are some of your wedding wishes? If you've already walked down the aisle, did it pan out the way you wanted or are you working on the revisions for your 10-year vow renewal? Enable me and let me go on living vicariously.